The One True Love of Alice-Ann Dream Cottage Pinterest Contest—build to win!

“Nancy slipped a cupped hand under Alice-Ann’s elbow and squeezed. ‘Then answer me this, Miss Branch. How could a young woman with so much compassion for a house not have as much for a man who’s been injured in the war?’”

Build on something beautiful:
In Eva Marie Everson’s newest novel, The One True Love of Alice-Ann, the heart of a Southern girl in rural Georgia breaks for love lost, just as another chance starts to form during the throes of WWII. But as she begins to settle in to the new life she’s building, will a sudden and surprising turn of events change everything, crumbling the new foundation she’s laid out for herself?

Alice-Ann’s world revolves around the theme of rebuilding, both literal and metaphorical. Though this storyline of transformation threads itself throughout a work of fiction, its realities touch each of us in our own unique ways. Ultimately, we can find something beautiful and worthwhile in the brokenness and chaos that surrounds us when we learn to rely on God’s plan.

To celebrate the release of The One True Love of Alice-Ann, join us in a Pinterest contest focused on transformation! Just as Alice-Ann finds the beauty in her fixer-upper, Tyndale wants you to build a Pinterest board and fill it up with what your dream cottage would look like.


Here’s how to enter:

Fill out the Gleam form below


        • Create a Pinterest board titled “My One True Love Cottage.”
        • Click the red ‘Save’ button on the pin below and pin to your newly made “My One True Love Cottage” board.


              • Start pinning! The sky’s the limit with all of your ideas, so get crafty and creative and let your inner interior designer come out.

          Here’s what you could win:

                • A $100 Home Depot gift card
                • A Georgia gift basket filled with Georgia goodies
                • A signed copy of The One True Love of Alice-Ann
                  (Total retail value of $150)
                  1 winner will be chosen on 5/1—US entries only.

          The winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 2.

          Good luck!
          Build Your Dream Cottage—Pinterest Contest!

Join us—April Book Release Prayers

Afternoon, #Crazy4Fiction readers! As we do on the last Sunday of every month, let’s give thanks and praise for the books that are releasing this April, and lift up their authors as well. The true power of fiction is evident in each of these inspirational novels, and we are continually pleased—and blessed—by the stories of those who are impacted by books like these.

DiAnn Mills, Deep Extraction

I pray my novel touches the hearts of those who are searching for truth in a world where fear has become a disease. The quest for truth takes courage, but you, oh God, are our strength. You light the way for people to push aside bitterness, rejection, and fear of the unknown to embrace your unconditional love. May readers find purpose and meaning with a fresh and intimate spiritual awakening. I pray your people become the voice of life with unconditional love that points to your saving grace.

Deep Extraction

Available in bookstores and online.

Eva Marie Everson, The One True Love of Alice-Ann

Heavenly Father, Giver of talents and dreams:

First, I thank you that you chose me. You chose to love me. You chose me as your child. You chose to send your Son to die as a sacrifice for my sins. But you also chose me to do your work. To write for your glory and for the purposes of your Kingdom. You placed inside of me words and descriptions and stories and characters within those stories. And I am honored and humbled.

Father, I pray that readers will find The One True Love of Alice-Ann to be both entertaining and a mirror by which they can reflect on their own lives, their own choices, and—seeing you in them—can know that “no man thwarts the plans of God” and that when our hearts are burdened with decisions to make—decisions that will greatly shape the course of our lives—you are ready to listen, to guide, and to hold our hands as we put a voice to your will. That they will know that no detail escapes your notice and that our lives matter to you. Matter greatly.

Father, thank you again for the idea and the ability and strength to carry it out. To you be all the praise and the glory. Use my work, Lord. Use me.


The One True Love of Alice Ann

Available in bookstores and online.

Prayer from the #Crazy4Fiction team

We bring these novels to you, Lord, and ask that you bless them. May these authors’ words be seen and felt by those who need to hear them. Please allow them to be a light and an outlet for those desperately seeking hope in our culture of darkness. May their messages have everlasting effects for you and your Kingdom. Amen.


Thank you, readers, for joining us in prayer. Be sure to check back on the blog and our Crazy4Fiction Facebook page throughout the month of April for book giveaways, contests, quizzes, and much more. In the meantime, happy reading!

Coming soon—The One True Love of Alice-Ann Dream Cottage Pinterest Contest!

To celebrate the release of The One True Love of Alice-Ann, join us in a Pinterest contest focused on transformation, starting Monday, April 4! Check back on the blog to enter to win.

Share the Love, Share Your Recipes Giveaway

Afternoon, readers!

In February, author Cathy Liggett released a sweet, small-town novel entitled The Sisters of Sugarcreek. Within the story, three women band together to create a secret society that spreads kindness and cheer to their community.

In this increasingly me-focused world, how often do we take a moment to think of where others—family, friends, or total strangers—might be in their hearts and lives? Maybe they have silent struggles from personal hardships they’re facing, or they might feel a little hopeless and troubled by current events unfolding around us.

sos kindness

If you haven’t yet, take some time to spread kindness in your neighborhood with these FREE printable kindness cards!


As we continue passing on the good cheer through fellowship with one another, we wanted to tap into another important piece of the story: food and recipes.

When I think of camaraderie and laughter, food immediately comes to mind. There is something incredibly special about cooking all day and being able to share a warm meal with those you love.

In honor of spreading the joy, we’d like to offer you some recipes the fictional friends from Sugarcreek love sharing.

Plus, print your free recipe cards here.

In addition, enter to win . . .

SoS Recipe Giveaway

Please enter through the Gleam widget below. If issues arise, use the comment feature at the top of this blog to let us know.


Good luck!
Share the Love, Share Your Recipes Giveaway

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