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August Shelfie + Get to Know the Crazy4Fiction Team!

Afternoon, readers! For those of you who’ve read our blog before, you are familiar with our #shelfie posts. For those who haven’t, welcome! A shelfie is just what it sounds like: a #selfie photo of your bookshelf. Every month, we like to take a quick snapshot of the latest books and advance reader copies (ARCs) hitting our bookshelves. Because of the nature of publishing, the books you see us talking about on our #shelfie will usually hit retailer shelves in a month or two. Share your #shelfie with us on twitter @Crazy4Fiction and you may be featured in next month’s #shelfie post!

August Shelfie

Honor by Lyn Cote (in bookstores and online today)

Buttermilk Sky by Jan Watson (in bookstores and online in Sept.) 


I also wanted to take this time on the blog to introduce our Crazy4Fiction ladies, for those readers who’ve yet to meet us. You can find out more in our About section but for a little peek, read below!

shaina headshot

Hey there! My name is Shaina and I’m the fiction social media and acquisitions editor at Tyndale House Publishers. That means, whenever you comment on the blog, Twitter, etc. you’re most likely chatting with me! I love working with authors on social media and one of the best parts of my day is when I get to chat with readers, so don’t be shy! Come say hello, whether it be through a comment, tweet, or post!

What’s your name, job title, and how long have you been with the Tyndale Crazy4Fiction team?
Shaina Turner. Social Media and Acquisitions Editor, Fiction. I have been at Tyndale for over two years.

If you never had to work again, what would you spend your time doing? Why?
I would probably volunteer at my local library, reading to little kids. I don’t think I could ever get sick of watching the little kids’ eyes grow big as I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


What’s your name, job title, and how long have you been with the Tyndale Crazy4Fiction team?
Karen Watson. Associate Publisher, Fiction. I have been at Tyndale for almost 19 years and working with the fiction team for nine years.

If you never had to work again, what would you spend your time doing? Why?
Growing zinnias, rocking somebody’s babies, walking by the ocean in many countries, and learning to play the cello. Wearing makeup and doing my hair is not required for any of them.


What’s your name, job title, and how long have you been with the Tyndale Crazy4Fiction team?

Jan Stob, Senior Acquisitions Editor. Other than a brief six-to-nine month stint in nonfiction back in ’09, fiction has been my focus for 14 years. Fiction is my passion and I love working with our talented fiction authors.

What’re three of your main job duties?
It’s hard to boil it down to three things. There are so many pieces to the acquisitions process. Reading is a huge part of our job. We are constantly reading proposals and manuscripts, as well as staying on top of what our competitors are publishing, and reading titles that continue to hit the bestseller lists. We always seem to be writing copy—back cover copy, summaries for sales and our online retailers, working with our marketing team on ad copy, and pulling together proposals for sales and committee. And most importantly, we champion our authors and their novels from concept stage through publication. I especially enjoy discovering new talent and brainstorming with our authors. My least favorite, yet a necessary part of the job, is working on financials. I prefer words over numbers.


What’s your name, job title, and how long have you been with the Tyndale Crazy4Fiction team?
Stephanie Broene, Senior Acquisitions Editor, almost eight years

If you never had to work again, what would you spend your time doing? Why?
I would spend my time flipping houses. (I’m assuming since I don’t have to work, I have lots of extra money!) I love taking something old and making it look fresh and new.


What’s your name, job title, and how long have you been with the Tyndale Crazy4Fiction team?
Cheryl Kerwin, Senior Marketing Manager, over 10 years

If you never had to work again, what would you spend your time doing? Why?
Sitting on my porch overlooking the beach or a mountain lake. When I am not doing that, I would be traveling to all of the places I’ve always wanted to go, like driving across the country in a tricked-out tour bus, flying to Tuscany and Italy and Australia. Then in my free time I would probably volunteer doing something with kids or the elderly.


What’s your name, job title, and how long have you been with the Tyndale Crazy4Fiction team?

Alyssa McNally, Associate Marketing Manager, one month

If you never had to work again, what would you spend your time doing? Why?
Designing, painting, and photographing! I love to make art; it’s the most relaxing and life-giving thing I could do.


Thanks for stopping by! What’re you reading? Take a photo, and send it to us! We love to hear what readers are loving. Have a lovely long weekend, readers!

Lets Judge a Book by its Cover! Crazy4Fiction Spring 2015 Sneak Peek

Hey there, readers. Today our blog post is inspired by Christian fiction blogger Rel from Relz Reviewz. Every release season, Rel posts about upcoming covers from the top Christian fiction publishers. 

Click to visit Relz Reviewz!

Click to visit Relz Reviewz!

For us at Crazy4Fiction, it’s always so great to hear reader feedback and see what you’re responding to. What about a book cover makes you want to pick it up? Is there something that turns you off?

Since we enjoy your feedback so much, we thought you might like to hear from us on what initially drew us to each cover—and learn a few fun behind-the-scenes details you wouldn’t know about just from looking.

So though we were always taught not to, let’s judge a book by its cover!


The Song

The Song

Novelizations tend to use the movie poster as the cover image. Since film schedules work very differently from print schedules, the cover art often comes screeching in at the eleventh hour. In this case, the film had already been completed and the cover was available early, allowing our process to run much more smoothly.

Fun Fact

Alan Powell, who plays Jed King in The Song, is the lead singer of Anthem Lights.


Old FashionedOld Fashioned

The original image for Old Fashioned didn’t do the book or movie justice, and when our design team came to us with this cover option, even the movie team thought it was good—it became the image they’re using to promote the film.

Fun Fact

Usually it’s the publisher that uses the movie team’s image, but in this instance the roles were reversed. After seeing still shots from the movie, our design team put together the cover you see now, and we knew it was the one.

The Old Fashioned WayThe Old Fashioned Way

Keeping with the same warm-toned color scheme, we wanted this companion nonfiction piece to tie in seamlessly to the novel Old Fashioned.





Price of PrivilegePrice of Privilege

This cover immediately caught my attention because its composition is arresting and beautiful, but the pose and coloring hint at the drama within. Julia has come so far over the course of the series, but she must still face her toughest challenge yet.

Fun Fact

In order to create a uniform look for these three books, we did all of the photo shoots simultaneously. That means the girl you see on book one is the same model as on book three. With this consistency, readers can begin to identify with the character they see on the covers.


Always on My MindAlways on My Mind

We knew the designer was going to stick with the cover style used for the previous books in the series, but the design team still always surprises and impresses us with the end result. For this cover, we wanted to focus primarily on the romance element, and since the book is releasing in January, the models’ stylish winter ensembles and the title’s red font tie together perfectly to give that romantic Valentine’s Day appeal.

Fun Fact

The cover photo was originally cropped to show a different view of the characters, but after discussion it was decided that seeing the characters straight on would allow readers the best chance to connect with them.


Paper HeartsPaper Hearts

I loved the balance of whimsy and poignancy on this cover right from the start—it’s so fitting for the tone of the story, which is fun, funny, and romantic . . . but also has a depth that will stop you in your tracks. This cover reminded me of so many of my favorite romance movies!

Fun Fact

In addition to being a romance author, Courtney Walsh is known for her mixed media art.


The Third TargetThe Third Target

How can you not like Joel’s covers? The designer for Joel’s books hits it out of the park every time. The iconic image of the American flag riddled with bullet holes causes a visceral reaction. It instantly suggests that America is in danger.

Fun Fact

Psst . . . early in-house reviews of this book say it may be Rosenberg’s best novel yet.


By Your SideBy Your Side

When starting a design for a new series, it can be hard to make a final decision, as you know this is what you’ll have to stick with for the next few books. Once we saw this split-screen design with the play on the red cross, we knew it was the one. It fits the genre and the models give that sense of romance that you find in any Candace Calvert book.

Fun Fact

The handsome cop on this cover was difficult to find, and since the character made an appearance in one of Candace’s previous novels, we couldn’t alter the book’s description of his looks to fit the cover. So . . . our design team built the perfect man. He’s made up of more than one image, and his hair and eye color have been changed to match the character’s.


Better All the TimeBetter All the Time

In average everyday life, when we stop to look and observe, we can see the extraordinary in the ordinary. This cover evokes that wonder in me. The struggles of ordinary life are scary, but in the middle of them we can’t forget to remind ourselves of the extraordinary ways in which the Lord works—as the characters on this cover do while gazing at the ocean. Carre captures that in her story, and this cover depicts it almost as beautifully.

Fun Fact

It was hard to describe to the designer what we were looking for on this cover. We wanted it to tie in with All Right Here, the first Darling Family novel, but also be distinct and clearly capture the large Darling family. Not an easy feat! Our designer happened upon this image and realized that the number of people here perfectly matches the number of empty chairs on the cover of All Right Here. Now that was meant to be!


Double CrossDouble Cross

I was immediately drawn to this heroine. She looks strong and smart but also somewhat vulnerable—so fitting for protagonist Laurel Evertson. We talk a lot in our meetings about whether the cover evokes the same tone and mood as the story, and between the characters, background images, and coloring, I think this cover fits DiAnn’s book wonderfully!

Fun Fact

Does anyone else see the cover model and think she bears a striking resemblance to Jennifer Aniston? Now if we could just get Jennifer Aniston to endorse DiAnn’s book, we’d be set!


On Shifting SandOn Shifting Sand

This cover evokes such strong emotion and wonder. Nola’s piercing eyes show her heavy and desperate desire for satisfying love in the midst of the storms in her life. Impactful and stunning!

Fun Fact

This cover image was love at first sight. Unfortunately, the model you see didn’t fit the character’s original description in the book. We tried changing her hair color and making tweaks to the cover, but it didn’t have the same impact. In the end, Allison agreed that it made sense to alter the character’s description to fit the cover.


Hope you enjoyed these behind-the-scenes peeks at our upcoming spring titles.
Stop by Relz Reviews for her thoughts on our Spring 2015 covers!

Any of these books catch your eye? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Lisa Wingate: Everyday Angels Book Giveaway!

Afternoon, all! This afternoon we’re sharing a beautiful post from author Lisa Wingate.  Lisa loves connecting with people, both real and imaginary, which is obvious in her role as Belle Monday on The Southern Belle View Daily blog


On the blog, many inspirational authors have come together to share stories about their writing, their lives, and the South. Enjoy Lisa’s latest post on everyday angels and stop by her blog to comment and enter to win her latest novel giveaway!


Around our house, it’s almost time to say a sad goodbye to my son and ship him off for another year at college. My dog Huckleberry and I are already sad about it. Who will kidnap the i-Phone charger over, and over, and over? Who will raid the hidden candy stashes in the kitchen? Who will wrestle, and roll on the floor, play midnight games of throw-the-ball? Who will provide a constant supply of used man-child socks and constantly leave them on the floor, available for puppy stealth attacks and endless chewing pleasure?


My son is wrapping up some projects before he heads back to school. This week, he’s been hauling trailer loads of metal to the recycling plant. This metal is special, though you wouldn’t know it by looking.

tractor metal

You see, earlier this summer, something tragic happened down the road a piece. A house literally exploded. One minute, my friend, Lorraine, was sitting in her recliner, a pillow propped behind her head. The next, she was on the floor, the house burning around her. There was no warning. No split second to think in slow motion. No time to prepare. It just… happened. Life was normal one minute. Everything was in its place and then… the world was upside down.

[Tweet “Everything was in its place then… the world was upside down. Remember everyday angels #bookgiveaway”]

Fortunately, the family came through with only some minor cuts and bruises. They’ve been sorting through the rubble since then, saving what they could, like these bits of family china which miraculously survived the fire.


My son found Marcelli’s band instrument among the metal in the rubble. It lies in pieces, twisted and charred, but still recognizable as what it once was. I stood looking at it after we pulled it out, and something hit me. As sad as it is that a beautiful instrument is gone, that the trumpet will never again make music, the trumpet is a thing. An object. Trumpets can be bought. New music can be made. Marcelli is still here. The music comes from him, not from the trumpet.


His adopted sister, Paulina is a dancer. Trophies and awards and videos and photos were lost in that house. Things that had been worked for and earned. A little girl’s treasures. Those can’t be replaced. But there will be new awards, new ribbons, more photos and videos, because Paulina is still here to dance.

dancing paulina

In our consumer culture, surrounded by pursuit of things, it’s easy to lose sight what matters most. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that we are what we own. That what matters isn’t the life we live, but the material things we have to show for it.

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Passing by the remains of Marceli’s trumpet as it sits by our door, I remind myself to be grateful for people, for time, for conversations, and laughter, and joy. I remind myself not to rate my life by what can be bought, but to run hard in pursuit of the treasures of the heart.

I’m thankful that our friends are still here. I’m thankful we’ll still chat in the post office, and share goodie baskets at Christmas, and exchange hugs as we come and go. I’m thankful that Marceli is still here to make music and Paulina is still here to dance. I’m thankful that Paulina will continue to share her gift, to inspire those who watch her and amaze the world with the fact that she can do those things at all. I’m thankful that Marceli will astound those who watch him play his trumpet. You see, there’s something I haven’t told you about Marceli and Paulina. Marceli plays the trumpet with one hand, because that’s all he has. He was born in Poland with only one limb. Paulina was adopted from a Russian orphanage. She dances on prosthetic legs.

There’s something I haven’t told you about their mom, Lorraine, too. Every day, unfailingly, she shares her gratitudes on her Facebook page. One of them, the day after the fire, was the pillow that had been propped behind her head the moment before the blast. The pillow was found the following morning on the front lawn, undamaged, apparently blown out the window as Lorraine landed on the floor.

You can see it here with the rubble of the house still burning behind it. Can you read the words?

you are not alone

It says, You are not alone.

And that, in the end, is the greatest blessing of all.

~ Lisa

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Everyday Angels Giveaway!

This week, Lisa is celebrating friends, big miracles, and the everyday angels with a special kind of giveaway package.

If you’re the winner, you’ll not only receive an autographed advance copy of The Story Keeper (which doesn’t hit shelves until September), BUT you’ll also have the chance to name a special encourager or someone who needs a little encouragement right now, and Lisa will send that person a signed copy of The Prayer Box along with one of her beautiful handmade, signed prayer boxes.

everyday angels giveaway

Head over to the Southern Belle View Daily blog to comment and share about the everyday angels in YOUR life to be entered to win! Giveaway winner will be chosen Sunday August 10th.

The Tidewater Sisters

Don’t forget to pick up Lisa’s latest novella, The Tidewater Sisters. It is FREE in ebook now!

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[Tweet “It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that we are what we own. @LisaWingate everyday angels”]

[Tweet “”You are not alone. In the end, that is the greatest blessing of all.” @LisaWingate everyday angels″]


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