Are you Small Town or Big City? Quiz + Giveaway

Hey there, readers! To start a good story, you must first develop a compelling setting. Whether on Mars, in a small quirky, lakeside town, or in the tundra, this setting sets the stage for your characters to go off on their adventures.

Romantic suspense author Janice Cantore has explores small town life and big city living in the context of her stories. Life as a small town police officer, for example, will bring some unique challenges; Janice enjoyed testing these waters in her upcoming novel Crisis Shot.

We invite you to take the quiz below and find out where YOU fit: small town life or big city living?

Comment on this blog with your results and be entered to win a copy of Crisis Shot

US entries only. Winner will be announced on our Crazy4Fiction Facebook page Monday, September 4th.


  1. My result was small town which didn’t surprise me. Book sounds fabulous–thanks for the chance to win it!

  2. Big city, which is not surprising, although I actually prefer the suburb of the city. 🙂

  3. I got small town, which isn’t surprising because I live in a small town. lol

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