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When Fact and Fiction Merge: Author Melanie Dobson’s Call to Encourage and Support Refugees

Today on the blog we are talking about the intersection of fact and fiction. It’s always amazing how real-life themes can run through a novel. When Melanie Dobson penned Catching the Wind, she hoped that this WWII story would cause people to stop, think, and discuss the very real issue of refugees throughout history.

A refugee crisis is not anything new to modern times. Just as in today’s world millions of refugees are relocating across Europe from Syria, Iraq, and other countries, a similar refugee situation happened in Europe during WWII when many persecuted people fled Germany, Poland, and a host of other nations.

Fear of welcoming refugees was common then as well. Many countries were afraid that the influx of people would include Nazi sympathizers and Nazi spies hidden among their numbers. This scenario echoes what is happening in the world today.

It is important for us to remember how these types of humanitarian crises are not problems that belong to someone else—they are our problems, especially as Christians. Catching the Wind is a beautifully written reminder of the type of upheaval, fear, and uncertainty that affected those who had to flee Nazi dominance in their countries. Catching the Wind was inspired by Melanie’s historical research, which she adorned with the most endearing and honest characters that will touch your heart.

Read Catching the Wind and let Melanie remind you of the ordinary people who helped and intervened in order to resist the spread of evil in the 1940s. Then ponder the ways you might be able to respond to our present-day refugee crisis. Maybe you can play a part in helping displaced people.  Melanie has more information on her web site about how you can get involved.


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The One True Love of Alice-Ann Dream Cottage Pinterest Contest—build to win!

“Nancy slipped a cupped hand under Alice-Ann’s elbow and squeezed. ‘Then answer me this, Miss Branch. How could a young woman with so much compassion for a house not have as much for a man who’s been injured in the war?’”

Build on something beautiful:
In Eva Marie Everson’s newest novel, The One True Love of Alice-Ann, the heart of a Southern girl in rural Georgia breaks for love lost, just as another chance starts to form during the throes of WWII. But as she begins to settle in to the new life she’s building, will a sudden and surprising turn of events change everything, crumbling the new foundation she’s laid out for herself?

Alice-Ann’s world revolves around the theme of rebuilding, both literal and metaphorical. Though this storyline of transformation threads itself throughout a work of fiction, its realities touch each of us in our own unique ways. Ultimately, we can find something beautiful and worthwhile in the brokenness and chaos that surrounds us when we learn to rely on God’s plan.

To celebrate the release of The One True Love of Alice-Ann, join us in a Pinterest contest focused on transformation! Just as Alice-Ann finds the beauty in her fixer-upper, Tyndale wants you to build a Pinterest board and fill it up with what your dream cottage would look like.


Here’s how to enter:

Fill out the Gleam form below


        • Create a Pinterest board titled “My One True Love Cottage.”
        • Click the red ‘Save’ button on the pin below and pin to your newly made “My One True Love Cottage” board.


              • Start pinning! The sky’s the limit with all of your ideas, so get crafty and creative and let your inner interior designer come out.

          Here’s what you could win:

                • A $100 Home Depot gift card
                • A Georgia gift basket filled with Georgia goodies
                • A signed copy of The One True Love of Alice-Ann
                  (Total retail value of $150)
                  1 winner will be chosen on 5/1—US entries only.

          The winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 2.

          Good luck!
          Build Your Dream Cottage—Pinterest Contest!

Coming soon—The One True Love of Alice-Ann Dream Cottage Pinterest Contest!

To celebrate the release of The One True Love of Alice-Ann, join us in a Pinterest contest focused on transformation, starting Monday, April 4! Check back on the blog to enter to win.

Join us—March Book Release Prayers

Afternoon, #Crazy4Fiction readers! Please join us and take a moment to give thanks and praise for the books that are releasing this March, as well as the authors who wrote them. The true power of fiction is evident in each of these inspirational novels; we are continually pleased, and blessed, by the stories of those who are impacted by books like these.

Joel C. Rosenberg, Without Warning

In such turbulent times ahead, Lord, I pray that you protect the United States, Israel, and our allies. Please don’t allow anything that I write about in my new novel to come to pass. Grant wisdom to our new president and vice president and their national security team, as well as the courage and foresight to protect us. Thank you that they understand the threat posed by Radical Islam. Help them keep us safe while advancing political, economic, and religious freedom at home and abroad, especially in the epicenter. As they make decisions with everlasting consequences, I also pray they remember you and seek you, Lord. Amen.


Available in bookstores and online.

Dandi Daley Mackall, With Love, Wherever You Are

Father, I hardly know where to begin. Praise! Only you could give me the gift of coming to know my parents when they were young, much younger than I am now. Only you could bring them through the horrors of war and into the knowledge that when we’re weak, you are strong. Only you could give me the words to tell their story. And when I didn’t see how I could finish this book, your Spirit came along beside me, spurring me, one word at a time. (When I’m weak, you are strong.) Thank you, thank you. And now, whatever happens is in your hands. Pshew! What an honor to know others join me in this prayer! Amen.

With Love

Available in bookstores and online.

Prayer from the #Crazy4Fiction team

Father, I’m so thankful for these talented authors who use the gifts you’ve given them to impact lives through story. I pray that Without Warning and With Love, Wherever You Are entertains readers while encouraging them to live boldly and courageously—to know that they can face any adversity with you by their side.

~ Prayer by Jan Stob, Acquisitions Director for Fiction


Thank you, readers, for joining us in prayer. Be sure to enter for a chance to win these great novels. And stop by our Crazy4Fiction Facebook page  throughout the month of March for exclusive excerpts, sneak peeks, quizzes, and much more. In the meantime, happy reading!

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