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5 Reasons to Purchase Joel C. Rosenberg’s J. B. Collins Collection This October

With the gift giving season right around the corner, we wanted to let you know about New York Times bestselling author Joel C. Rosenberg‘s new collection, the J.B. Collins Collection

  1. Start your Christmas shopping early!

Skip the lines, beat the holiday gift-buying rush, and order this mass market collection for your loved ones now. Check your husband, son, uncle, grandpa, or Secret Santa off your shopping list early—you’ll be glad you did. And when they open this fantastic collection on Christmas morning, so will they.


  1. Read the whole series at once!

For those of you fiction fans who despise a cliff-hanger, the wait is over! If you haven’t started the J. B. Collins series yet, now’s the time. Does The Third Target leave you feeling like the plot is unresolved? Fear not! Book two, The First Hostage, is ready and waiting for you. This October, experience the whole J. B. Collins adventure at once. Take a break from your favorite TV show, and try binge-reading this suspense-filled series instead.


  1. Take it on the go!

The J. B. Collins Collection makes a wonderful travel companion this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. Due to their compact size, each book in the collection slips perfectly into a travel bag while also helping you avoid the back pain that comes with carrying multiple hardcover books from your to-read pile in your carry-on.


  1. Use it as a conversation starter!

Are you tired of answering your family’s barrage of questions at holiday gatherings about your job, relationship status, etc.? Tell them about the last great book you read from the J. B. Collins Collection and how scary accurate Joel C. Rosenberg has been in writing about current geopolitical events, like the threat of ISIS.


  1. Save big in October!

If the above reasons have not yet convinced you to pick up a copy of this collection, then how about a great sale price? During the month of October, will be offering this newly released collection at 20 percent off. This means you get all three books in Joel C. Rosenberg’s most recent series for under $20 when you order from Tyndale! Now that sounds like a plan to me.


Interested in this collection? Enter through the Gleam app below to win a copy. One winner will receive the 3-book collection (US entries only).

Happy reading!

The J.B. Collins Collection Giveaway

September New Releases + #BookGiveaway

Hey there, readers! Don’t miss out on a chance to win one of these new must-reads, hitting shelves this month!

Rule of Law by Randy Singer

Rule of Law asks the question: Is the president above the law? Available in bookstores and online.

Crisis Shot by Janice Cantore

Crisis Shot is the perfect read for fans of Castle and romantic suspense. Available in bookstores and online.

Loving Luther by Allison Pittman

Explore Loving Luther, a novel unearthing the love story of Katharina von Bora and Martin Luther. Available in bookstores and online.

How Sweet the Sound by Amy Sorrells

“With poetic prose, lyrical descriptions, and sensory details . . . this story dives into the Gulf Coast culture of pecan orchards and debutante balls, exposing layers of family secrets and sins. In the end comes redemption, grace, forgiveness, and faith. Bravo!” —Julie Cantrell, New York Times bestselling author

Available in bookstores and online.


Enter to win one of the above novels through the Gleam app below. One winner (US only) will be chosen for each novel.

Good luck!

September Crazy4Fiction #BookGiveaway

Join us—September Book Release Prayers

Morning, #Crazy4Fiction readers! We would like to reflect and give thanks and praise for the books that are releasing this month.
The true power of fiction is evident in inspirational novels, and we are continually pleased—and blessed—by the stories of those impacted by these books.


Janice Cantore, Crisis Shot

“…for he is God’s servant for your good….” Romans 13:4a
Father God, all praise and honor to you Lord, for the calling on my heart to tell of your grace through fiction. As this new book releases, you know my heart, the novel is dedicated to law enforcement, dedicated to the officers who put their lives on the line each and every day, working a job that is becoming ever more dangerous by the minute. I pray that the story inspires and touches people, opening their eyes to the danger officers gladly confront in order to keep people safe. And I pray the story will prompt people to remember to pray for law enforcement and for the communities they serve.
In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Available in bookstores and online. 


Amy Sorrells, How Sweet the Sound

Dear reader,
How Sweet the Sound began as a flicker of prayer in my heart, a hope that somehow the Lord would help me write a story of hope for survivors of sexual abuse. He led me to the story of Tamar, daughter of King David, in 2 Samuel 13, who was raped by her brother and left to live out her life in desolation. And He helped me see, through the eyes of characters like Comfort and Anni, Solly and Jed, that Jesus Christ came to break the chains of inconsolable shame Tamar knew. If you or someone you love is a Tamar, or even if you aren’t and happen upon this book, may I pray for you?
Abba, you know the Tamar’s among us. You know the grief they carry, the fear. You see them, just like you saw me. And you want them to live free. Abba, I pray you would use this story to reach those who need it the most, and even those who think they need it the least, that the kindness of Ernestine would soften their hearts, that the warm, gulf coast breezes would comfort them, that even though darkness overwhelms the beginning pages readers would see the light and love and hope that eventually and faithfully overcomes, just like Your tender, conquering love.
Abba, I pray You would use this story to bind up wounds, bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom to those captive to shame, bring light to those imprisoned by the darkness of incest, comfort to those who mourn, and that they would know the beauty You create from ashes. I pray even those who’ve been devastated for years and generations by abuse will know the possibility of restoration, because You are the God who heals and who sets free.

All the glory and honor to You, precious Abba, our mighty Lord!

Available in bookstores and online.


Other great titles to look for this month include…

Rule of Law asks the question: Is the President above the law? Available in bookstores and online.


Explore Loving Luther, a novel unearthing the love story of Katharina von Bora and Martin Luther! Available in bookstores and online.


Thank you, readers, for joining us in prayer.
Visit the blog and our Crazy4Fiction Facebook page throughout the month for book giveaways, contests, quizzes, and much more.
In the meantime, happy reading!

Are you Small Town or Big City? Quiz + Giveaway

Hey there, readers! To start a good story, you must first develop a compelling setting. Whether on Mars, in a small quirky, lakeside town, or in the tundra, this setting sets the stage for your characters to go off on their adventures.

Romantic suspense author Janice Cantore has explores small town life and big city living in the context of her stories. Life as a small town police officer, for example, will bring some unique challenges; Janice enjoyed testing these waters in her upcoming novel Crisis Shot.

We invite you to take the quiz below and find out where YOU fit: small town life or big city living?

Comment on this blog with your results and be entered to win a copy of Crisis Shot

US entries only. Winner will be announced on our Crazy4Fiction Facebook page Monday, September 4th.

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